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Please order from our current 2005 wholesale catalog for products
ship out from Washington State of USA or B.C. of Canada



Below is our OUTDATED 2003 Summer Online Wholesale Catalogue
-- please don't order from here, please order from our newest catalog

Wholesale Catalog for Giftware Products ship out from Washington State of US or B.C. of Canada
no customs duty or clearing charge, only the prices stated in this website plus applicable shipping cost
Free shipping by UPS ground to continetial USA and Canada for orders over US$300 / CDN$300
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BAG.jpg (7738 bytes)
beaded bag.jpg (7490 bytes)
beaded purse
belt.jpg (7781 bytes)
shell belt
sandal.jpg (8812 bytes)
wooden sandal
CUSH1.jpg (6008 bytes)
cushion cover

mask.jpg (9185 bytes)

bamboochime.jpg (7149 bytes)
bamboo wind chime

dreamchime.jpg (7032 bytes)
dream chime

windchime.jpg (7219 bytes)
wooden windchime

SCH 801 S.jpg (6543 bytes)
seashell windchime

budha.jpg (7230 bytes)

DRAGON.jpg (8097 bytes)
abstract carving

Boomerang1.jpg (8647 bytes)

drum.jpg (7006 bytes)
drum & music instrument

mus-55-57.jpg (6823 bytes)
rainstick &

mobil.jpg (7824 bytes)

incenseholder2.jpg (6668 bytes)candle.jpg (6171 bytes)
incense, oil &candle

INC2493.jpg (6888 bytes)
incense holder

mirror689ss.jpg (8975 bytes)
mirror page 1

mirror2.jpg (9843 bytes)
mirror page 2
CMF353SS.jpg (7547 bytes)
mirror page 3
glassmosaic.jpg (8786 bytes)
glass mosaic mirror
swordinside.jpg (7127 bytes)
bow & arrow
COASTER1.jpg (7478 bytes)
Batik cup coaster

box.jpg (7869 bytes)
box & drawer

HANGER.jpg (8002 bytes)
hook & hanger

eyeglassholder.jpg (6896 bytes)
eye glass holder

candlehold.jpg (7246 bytes)

lantern.jpg (7076 bytes)
candle lantern

miniguitar.jpg (10001 bytes)
mini musical instrument

book.jpg (8324 bytes)
address book

letteropener.jpg (7154 bytes)
letter opener

pc-06-c-d.jpg (6804 bytes)

doorstop.jpg (6664 bytes)
door stopper

dc-10.jpg (7487 bytes)

rooster.jpg (8732 bytes)
rooster hen & bird

cat-69.jpg (7556 bytes)

SWAN.jpg (7642 bytes)
various animals

FLYING2SS.jpg (7521 bytes)
flying creation

doll.jpg (7060 bytes)
doll house animal
fish-05.jpg (6780 bytes)
sea life
tribal.jpg (7931 bytes)
primitive carving

sku-24.jpg (8054 bytes)
nativemask.jpg (7654 bytes)
native resin mask
HARLEY.jpg (8327 bytes)
PUZ.jpg (9357 bytes)
jigsaw puzzle

calender.jpg (7478 bytes)

CURTAINpull.jpg (7458 bytes)
curtain pull
SPOON.jpg (7434 bytes)
salad spoon & fork
flower.jpg (8533 bytes)
MAGNET.jpg (8151 bytes)
fridge magnet
ROLLING.jpg (9359 bytes)
rolling decoration

placemat.jpg (6376 bytes)
table runner
keychain.jpg (7805 bytes)
key chain

ASH52.jpg (7369 bytes)

sub-102-106.jpg (7756 bytes)
mini surfboard
mini snowboard


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