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Feng Shui golden color SAN YUAN LO PAN
Feng Shui golden color SAN YUAN LO PAN
USD$4.50 each
CAD$4.50 each
USD$20.00 for 5 pieces
CAD$20.00 for 5 pieces
USD$10.00 each
CAD$10.00 each
USD$46.25 for 5 pieces
CAD$46.25 for 5 pieces
USD$6.00 each
CAD$6.00 each
USD$27.50 for 5 pieces
CAD$27.50 for 5 pieces
USD$6.00 each
CAD$6.00 each
USD$27.50 for 5 pieces
CAD$27.50 for 5 pieces
USD$5.78 per set
CAD$7.00 per set

USD$26.80 for 5 sets

CAD$32.50 for 5 sets
Metal made of wine cup with stand
Metal made of wine cup with stand
USD$4.95 each
CAD$6.00 each
USD$22.69 for 5 pieces
CAD$27.50 for 5 pieces
Metal made of FENGSHUI door hanging decoration, Chinese called it 'BA GUA' which is used to get rid of devil
Metal made of FENGSHUI door hanging decoration, Chinese called it 'BA GUA' which is used to get rid of devil
Metal made of FENGSHUI door hanging decoration, Chinese called it 'BA GUA' which is used to get rid of devil
USD$4.95 each
CAD$6.00 each
USD$22.69 for 5 pieces
CAD$27.50 for 5 pieces
Metal made of Tibetan style shaker which is used for scaring ghosts or spirit, different style from FEN-11
Metal made of Tibetan style shaker which is used for scaring ghosts or spirit, different style from FEN-11
USD$4.95 each
CAD$6.00 each
USD$22.69 for 5 pieces
CAD$27.50 for 5 pieces
Metal made of FENGSHUI animal(boy on flamigo) top of bell and coin, hang on a specific location to cather luck or pevent bad luck, special means flamigo bring you a son Metal made of FENGSHUI decoration with 2 swords top of bells, hang in a special location to prevent devil and bad luckMetal made of ancient Chinese style house with multi bell hanging on bottom
Metal made of FENGSHUI wall hanging decoration with the majestic happy buddha who can keep you safe and bring in happiness Metal made of FENGSHUI animal(horse) top of bell, hang on a specific location to cather luck or pevent bad luck, especial means good health or getting promotionMetal made of FENGSHUI animal and coin top of a bell
Metal made of FENGSHUI animal(frog) top of bell and coin, hang on a specific location to cather luck or pevent bad luck, especial used to get wealthyMetal made of FENGSHUI animal(goat) top of bell and coin, hang on a specific location to cather luck or pevent bad luckFeng Shui, Feng Shui products, Fengshui home decor, Feng Shui gift items

Metal made of Chinese style house with 3 bells hang on buttomMetal made of fengshui wall hanging bell with buddha feature on it meas Buddha will alway keep you safe
Metal made of assorted design fengshui decors, ramdomly picked by warehouse staffs

CAD$27.50 / USD$22.69 for 5 pieces (equal to CAD$5.50 / USD$4.54 each)
Sale : CAD$20 / US$16.75 for 5 pieces

Sales: CAD$35 / US$28.85 for 10 pieces

US$16.75 for 5 pieces
CAD$20 for 5 pieces
US$28.85 for 10 pieces
CAD$35 for 10 pieces


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Sarong by Design - Celtic tattoo hip hop design batik textile
Sarong by Design - beachwear clothing with dragon gecko
Sarong by Design - beach coverup tropical sealife Hawaiian
Sarong by Design - causal wear with garden flowers butterfly dragonfly
Sarong by Design - ethnic tribal African designs garment
Sarong by Design - tye dye tiedye hippie rainbow
Sarong by Design - hand stamped mono color double process
Sarong by Design - miscellaneous styles

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Oils Incense 1 - natural fragrance and incense holders
Oils Incense 2 - natural fragrance and incense holders
Picture Frame - photo frames with sea grass roots leaves
Primitive Figurine 1 - tribal wood carving

Primitive Figurine 2 - Asian tribe woodcarving
Puzzles Mini Motorcycles
Mobil - kids room decor
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Seashell Chandelier
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Handbags 1 - Bali sarong fabric beach bag, travel bags
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Sterling Silver Ankle Bracelet
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Earring Pendant Necklace Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Set
Gothic Slave Bracelet and Slave Ring
Pins Brooches
Cloisonne Enamel Fashion Earring
Imitation Pearl Cubic Zirconia Earring
CZ Necklaces and CZ Earring
Acrylic Rhinestone Chainmaille Necklace Earring Jewelry Set
Hematite Jewelry Magnetic Bracelet w Rhinestone Beads

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Mask Page 1 - decorative tribal masks tribal art
Mask Page 2 - primitive wall mask from Indonesia
Mask Page 3 - decorating mask supply
Mask Page 4 - ethic gifts Bali masks supplier
Mask Page 5 - authentic artifacts wooden mask distributor
Mask Page 6 - painted African look wall decoration masks
Mask Page 7 - ceremonial mask Asian gifts
Mask Page 8 - Bali Java Lombok Indonesian masks
Mask Page 9 - Balinese product thousand dots mask

Mirror Page 1 - sun moon star dolphin fish Bali mirror

Mirror Page 2 - celtic gecko Balinese wooden mirror
Mirror Page 3 - sun goddess mirror wall decoration
Mirror Page 4 - sea life fish butterfly mirror frame
Mirror Page 5 - sun moon fire edge mirror frame
Mirror Page 6 - cat animal decorative wall mirror
Mirror Page 7 - Bali handicrafts wall decoration mirror
Mirror Page 8 - floral accessory decorative mirror

Wind Chime Page 1 - bamboo windchime whimsical gift
Wind Chime Page 2 - bamboo windchime Bali handmade
Wind Chime Page 3 - bamboo windchime birdhouse
Wind Chime Page 4 - bamboo chime Balinese craft
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Wind Chime Page 6 - Feng Shui dream chimes, garden bell

Wind Chime Page 7 - wooden wind bells home garden decor
Wind Chime Page 8 - wooden wind chime

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